Survival Level Language Materials

Language Survival Kits (LSKs) are pocket-sized language guides that introduce basic language phrases and mission-specific vocabulary in a variety of topics, from Civil Affairs to Command and Control.

The Headstart2 program contains 80 to 100 hours of self-paced interactive instruction. These activities range from basic greetings to searching vehicles and persons, controlling building entries, and gathering basic information. Once mastered, sevicemembers should be prepared for basic interaction with the local population.


Title Action
Dari Headstart
Dari LSK Set
Dari Pronunciation Guide
15 Common Phrases
Basic LSK: Dari
Air Crew LSK: Dari
Civil Affairs LSK: Dari
Command & Control LSK: Dari
Cordon & Search/Raid LSK: Dari
Force Protection LSK: Dari
Medical LSK: Dari
Military Police LSK: Dari
Public Affairs LSK: Dari
Weapons LSK: Dari


Title Action
Pashto Headstart
Pashto LSK Set
15 Common Phrases
Basic LSK: Pashto
Air Crew LSK: Pashto
Civil Affairs LSK: Pashto
Command & Control LSK: Pashto
Cordon & Search/Raid LSK: Pashto
Force Protection LSK: Pashto
Medical LSK: Pashto
Military Police LSK: Pashto
Public Affairs LSK: Pashto
Weapons LSK: Pashto


Title Action
Urdu Headstart
urdu LSK Set
Urdu Pronunciation Guide
Basic LSK: Urdu
Air Crew LSK: Urdu
Civil Affairs LSK: Urdu
Cordon & Search/Raid LSK: Urdu
Force Protection LSK: Urdu
Medical LSK: Urdu
Military Police LSK: Urdu
Public Affairs LSK: Urdu
Weapons LSK: Urdu
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