New Students by Service

If your language training is scheduled by the DIA in preparation for a position with the Defense Attaché Service in a Defense Attaché Office (DAO) or Defense Liaison Office of an Embassy or Consulate (either as Attaché, Operations Coordinator, or Operations Intelligence NCO), you are a DAS student.

If your language training is scheduled by a service quota manager in preparation for any other type of position, even if you expect to be stationed in an Embassy or Consulate, you are not a DAS student.

If you are preparing for an assignment in the DAS, you will be scheduled for language training by the Joint Military Attaché School Training Management Office. Instructions on your DAS training schedule will ask you to call DLI-Washington upon receipt of the schedule in order to obtain information from you about the setting up of your training. Please note that, due to the many changes that occur in the DAS training program, DLI-Washington does not commit to arranging training unless contact has been established a couple of months before the language start date.

In addition to service and DAS in-processing, students must complete academic in-processing at the DLI-Washington office prior to the class start date. During academic in-processing, students will be briefed on the location and hours of training, as well as other information regarding the course of instruction.

While DLI-Washington can answer many questions if you call ahead of time, the details of exactly where you will be training and during what hours, may not be available until your academic in-processing appointment. Call the training administrator at (703) 692-5337 or (703) 692-5415 to schedule an appointment and to discuss any issues of concern prior to your in-processing.

Training is also available for the spouses of DAS personnel, if authorized by DIA. Begin the process of requesting spouse training with your JMAS training manager, and complete the Spouse Training Request.

The form must be returned to DLI-W via email no later than 45 days prior to the start of language training

Spouse training can be either full-time (20 hours per week) or part time (minimum 15 hours per week). Full time training can be either in the same class as the sponsor, or separately. However, all spouses training must be conducted at the school facility and during normal duty hours. Full time student spouses will test at the conclusion of training.  Part time student spouses have the option of whether of or not to test at the conclusion of their training.  All spouses are expected to progress and prepare within the scope of their individual programs.

For more information, please download and consult our student handbook.

Report to Ft. Myer, Virginia

If your report date is on a Monday thru Friday report to Building #417 on Ft. Myer, Virginia between 0800 and 1530.  First, report to the Battalion S1 in Building 417, Room 207. They will ask for a copy of your orders and a copy of your DA 31. The phone number is (703) 696-8174.

If you report on a weekend, then go to the MP Desk, Building #415 on Ft. Myer, Virginia.  Bring your DA 31 and have them sign you in.  Then report as above on the next duty day.

DLI-Washington In-processing

All in-bound Army students should fax a copy of their PCS or TDY orders to the following number 703-601-1056. Projected students must call the DLI-Washington Platoon Sergeant at 703-692-5338 to obtain an appointment for registration and academic in-processing with DLI-Washington.

Fort Myer In-processing

Joint Base Myer/Henderson Hall (JBM-HH) Army Personnel and Finance In-Processing is held daily from 0800 to 1115 in Building 230, Room 117, Fort Myer. The installation level in-processing program –- also known as “Start Right” – is held every Thursday from 1115 to 1530 in Building 230, Room 117. Newly assigned Soldiers should attend “Start Right” on the first Thursday after their arrival.

Soldiers are required to turn in military personnel, medical and dental records, Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders, Duty Memorandum and DA Form 31 (Leave Form signed by their incoming agency).   The proper uniform is ACU or Class B uniform during in-processing. For more information, call 703-696-0343.

You are required to be in satisfactory physical condition and meet height and weight standards in accordance with Army regulations upon arrival.

HQ Henderson Hall In-processing

All incoming USMC students must report to the JBMHH Henderson Hall Consolidated Administrative Center, Building 29, during work hours to begin in-processing. Students arriving after normal working hours will report to the Officer of the Day in Building 25, Keith Hall Barracks upon arrival. The Officer of the Day’s phone number is (703) 202-439-5941. If you have any questions concerning Henderson Hall in-processing, please contact CONAD at (703) 614-7171 (DSN 224). You are required to be in satisfactory physical condition and meet height and weight standards in accordance with Marine Corps regulations upon arrival. You are required to schedule your PFT through HQ Henderson Hall. Duty uniform for in-processing is Alpha.

DLI-Washington In-processing

All inbound Marine Corps students should fax a copy of their PCS orders to the following number: 703-601-1056. Projected students should also call the DLI-Washington Navy Liaison at (703) 692-5339, to obtain registration and in-processing information. Students will need a copy of their orders and their last Fitrep during in-processing.


DLI-Washington In-processing

Projected students must call the DLI-Washington Navy Liaison at (703) 692-5339, to obtain registration and in-processing information.

Students will need a copy of their orders and their last Eval/Fitrep during in-processing. Students must also complete a travel claim as well as update Page 2. Ensure you have all applicable paperwork to complete travel claim for yourself and family members upon arrival.

For all Navy personnel reporting to DLI-Washington D.C. from overseas locations that are considering receipt of TLA en-route to DLI-Washington D.C., you must first request TLA at your current command. Once you detach your command and report to DLI-Washington you will not be allowed to have TLA processed upon checking into DLI-Washington for expenses that you incurred en-route.  PSD Anacostia does not have the authority to process your TLA as you are still considered en-route to your next command.

You are required to be in satisfactory physical condition and meet height and weight standards in accordance with Navy regulations upon arrival.  Everyone will be administered a Physical Readiness Test prior to graduation from language training.

If you are going to be stationed overseas you will have 30 days to complete your Overseas Screening once BUPERS releases your Letter of Intent. Please ensure that you complete all requirements within the given 30 days.

DLI-Washington In-processing

Projected students must call the DLI-Washington Commander Support Squadron NCOIC at (703) 692-5340, to obtain registration and in-processing information.

Students will need a copy of their orders, in a sealed brown envelope from their losing base and Government Travel Card (GTC) during in-processing.

Finance In-Processing/Travel Voucher

Students must report to Building 20 at the Joint Base Anacostia/Bolling (JBAB) to complete their PCS travel vouchers. Please bring all travel receipts and lodging non-availability slips.

You are required to maintain physical condition and meet height and weight standards in accordance with Air Force regulations upon arrival. Prior to graduation from language training, everyone will be administered a Physical Fitness Test.

Important external links:

Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling

Air Force Personnel Center

The Afghanistan Pakistan Hands (APH) program was established by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 2009 to create greater continuity, focus and persistent engagement in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The AFPAK Hands Management Element (AME) is a part of the Pakistan Afghanistan Coordination Cell (PACC) and is charged with managing the APH program. It is responsible for the assignment, training, deploying and re-deploying the APHs as they move through their tour.    If you are interested in applying for the program, you should contact your Branch Manager, Detailer, Monitor, or Assignment Officer.  DLI only handles the language training portion of the APH program.

The APH program develops a cadre of experts who speak the local language, are culturally attuned, and focused on regional issues for an extended duration. APH personnel rotate between positions in-theater and out-of-theater that directly influence the U.S. strategy in the region. Although managed by the Joint Staff, this program produces experts that serve in designated chains of command, protecting unity of command while ensuring unity of effort.

Recognizing that AFPAK Hands will not have sufficient time to conduct a traditional basic language acquisition course, the Joint Staff together with DLI developed a concept for a training continuum as follows:

PHASE I Language Training: 16 weeks full-time resident training

PHASE II Language Training (while in first in-theater deployment):  Week-long refresher (in-country) and 24 interactive online modules for self-study.

PHASE III Language Training (while in out-of-theater assignment):  48 weeks of part time blended learning instruction which includes both on-line modules and either face-to-face or distance-learning lessons with an instructor.

PHASE IV Language Training (prior to second in-theater deployment): 14 weeks of full-time resident training.

Phase I and Phase IV resident language training is done via the DLI-Washington office in the D.C. area and at the APH Hub at Tampa, Florida.

Phase III training is done via online training modules and either face-to-face weekly instructor sessions in D.C., or Tampa, or through distance learning instructor lessons from DLIFLC in Monterey, California.

POC at DLI-Washington:  (703) 692-5422

POC at Tampa:  (727) 369-5205

POC at DLIFLC (Distance Learning):  (831) 242-4393