Active Duty Operational Support

DLIFLC often has a range of opportunities for Reserve Component Officers and NCOs to work on Active Duty Operational Support (ADOS, formerly known as Active Duty Special Work or ADSW) orders. Listed below are a few examples of positions that may be available:

Chief Military Language Instructor (CMLI), E-7 or E-8

The Chief Military Language Instructor (CMLI) is the senior MLI assigned to a language school at DLIFLC and serves as the school’s de facto Senior Enlisted Advisor. The CMLI advises the school staff and faculty on issues concerning student welfare, morale, discipline, and military obligations; processes or supervises processing of all academic and administrative student issues; coordinates or supervises coordination with supported student service units; is responsible for proficiency and development of school military staff and faculty; directs and ensures academic and military performance of the military student body; and supervises school and facility security, serviceability and appearance. Currently the CMLI is not a directed position, but is a duty assigned to an MLI who is projected against the TDA in an instructional capacity. Since the CMLI’s duties preclude actual instruction, we recommend the duty title be changed to Superintendent. Additionally, as the CMLI is required to supervise increasingly large student bodies and similarly increasing numbers of NCO/PO MLIs (any service).

Military Language Instructor (MLI), E-4 to E-7

MLIs fully engage in the training mission of DLIFLC to produce military linguists in the quantity and to the quality required by the Department of Defense.  MLIs teach language skills from the English learner/military member perspective;  model Noncommissioned Officer (NCO)/Petty Officer (PO) professional behavior on a day-to-day basis to the student population;  and mentor developing linguists on how to succeed in their training programs, adjust to military service, and become lifelong language learners within the military (through formal and informal counseling).  Additionally, MLIs, as unique subject matter experts (SME) regarding the duties, responsibilities, and job tasks of military linguists, provide critical input to curriculum development.

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