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Basic Language and Culture Acquisition

Intended for all DOD members, RAPPORT is six to eight hours of language and culture pre-deployment training in Dari, Pashto, Iraqi, Swahili, Hausa, Portuguese, French, Modern Standard Arabic, and Korean.
RAPPORT is mandatory training for all Army personnel, civilian and military, deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Cultural Orientations
Cultural Orientations offer an engaging introduction to a given cultural group. Linguists and non-linguists alike will benefit from these interactive materials and pertinent language exchanges that are coupled with an objective and practical look at daily life in different contexts. Topics include religion, traditions, family life and differences in the lifestyles of urban and rural populations.

Headstart2 is a required self-study training for one small unit leader per platoon prior to deployment. The product is currently available in 25 different languages. Each product consist of 80 to 100 hours of instruction, interactive tasks, language-specific pronunciation guides, cultural familiarization and orientation modules. Headstart2 is available in a stand alone (DVD format) or on-line version.

Familiarization Modules
The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center offers country familiarization materials and language survival kits/guides directly supporting both linguists and non-linguists.

Countries In Perspective
Each country study starts with a Country Profile section containing basic facts about the target country, followed by selected themes organized under the major headings of Geography, History, Economy, Society and Security.

Swahili Familiarization  
This is an online, self-paced, interactive introductory language course in Swahili. It uses a simulated trip to Kenya in order to introduce familiarization-level Swahili language and culture. Examples of topics include: basic greetings, travel phrases, the numbering system, time, currency, making appointments and renting a car. 

Legends & Folktales
Folktales and legends embedded in a specific culture provide an opportunity to explore and teach rich and fascinating social lessons.

Area Studies is a blended instructional model. The instructional components combine learning principles and theories with the newest multimedia technology and creative approaches to fully capture learner attention. Each module contains self-study lessons, face-to-face instruction hours and assessments.

Language Enhancement


 G.L.O.S.S.online language lessons are developed for independent learners to provide them with the learning/teaching tools for improving their foreign language skills. GLOSS currently offers 2850 reading (RC) and listening (LC) lessons in 24 languages! More lessons are added every month… make sure you check them out.

Weekly Training Events
The project name refers to the four hours a week military and government linguist/analysts use to maintain and enhance foreign language skills. Our mission is to enable these critical personnel to independently, conveniently and efficiently maintain and improve language skills whatever their location or circumstance.

Post Basic Delivery Service
The PBDS is for official use by Language Training Detachments and provides the ability to view online or download Post Basic Course materials by week, as compressed archive (zip) files. The materials, intended as teacher-mediated lessons, are available in Arabic, Chinese, Dari, Korean, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Russian, Hebrew, and Persian Farsi. PBDS materials consist of eight 6-week courses created in a modular design which focus on Final Learning Objective topics.

Advanced North Korean Dialect Materials
Advanced North Korean Dialect Materials (ANKDM) are supplementary materials for Korean language learning materials and can be incorporated into any basic, intermediate, and advanced courses, based upon proficiency level. These interactive, online content-based instructional materials will provide students with cultural and regional information about North Korea, leading toward Final Learning Objectives.

Phone Conversations
One of the greatest identified needs of MSA learners is to be familiar with dialects. This site contains over 300 casual phone conversations in non-standard dialect and lesson plans with support materials for classroom use.

Accents Library
The Accents Library is a handy collection of accent samples that vividly illustrate regional speech variations of standard language.

Arabic Grammar Search
Have you forgotten a fine point of Arabic grammar? The Arabic Grammar Search takes you inside the language with complete A-Z Search and Help functions.


Cultural Awareness Assessment
Topics include geographic facts, major religions, social customs and basic survival phrases of the dominant language of the region. Other key aspects of the CAA incorporate detailed information on the security situation, military, government, history and economy of the region.

Online Diagnostic Assessment
Online Diagnostic Assessment is  a tool developed by the Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center to help the foreign language learner, evaluate and manage foreign language learning.

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