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Overview for the Copyright Clearance Center

Aiso Library, DLIFLC has purchased an Annual Copyright License from Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). CCC is a not-for-profit collective licensing organization which provides universities and corporations with permission to reuse copyrighted content. Our license provides faculty, librarians, research and administrative staff, and students with pre-authorization to use and share text-based content. The license covers the use of all of the titles in the license repertory in both print and electronic format, for educational and research purposes. There are over a million titles included in the license repertory today and this list continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Types of use covered under our license include:

- Coursepacks (print and electronic)
- Classroom handouts
- Library reserves (print and electronic)
- Course management system postings

- Intranet and faculty website postings
- Internal e-mail
- Research collaboration
- Administrative

Verifying Coverage

If you would like to use a portion of a copyrighted work in your course materials, all you have to do is verify that the title is covered under the Annual Copyright License. To find out if a publication is in the license repertory, simply go to the Copyright Clearance Center homepage.  You
should bookmark this page for easy access in the future.

You can search by either Publication Title, ISBN/ISSN or Publisher. In the example below, the
Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology was entered. Once you have entered the publication title, click the Search button. Be sure to bookmark this link in your browser.

Note: When searching by title be sure to enter the Publication Title, not the title of the article or chapter.

The Search Results below show that this publication is Covered by CCC Annual License – Academic. No further action is necessary. You are free to use the content in your course materials within the scope of the license and do not need to check this title again during the current license term. Please contact the library - 831-242-6948 - if you have any questions regarding the license terms.

In the event that a publication is

not covered under our license, there are other permission service options offered by CCC. Just click on the yellow More permissions options button to access CCC’s pay-per-use services. Please be sure to check with the library before making any purchases.

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