Defense Attaché System

If your language training is scheduled by the DIA in preparation for a position with the Defense Attaché System in a Defense Attaché Office (DAO) or Defense Liaison Office of an Embassy or Consulate (either as Attaché, Operations Coordinator, or Operations Intelligence NCO), you are a DAS student.

If your language training is scheduled by Service quota managers in preparation for any other type of position, even if you expect to be stationed in an Embassy or Consulate, you are not a DAS student.

If you are preparing for an assignment in the DAS, you will be scheduled for language training by the Joint Military Attaché School Training Management Office. Instructions on your DAS training schedule will ask you to call us upon receipt of the schedule so that we can obtain information from you that we will need to set up your training.  Please note that, due to the many changes that occur in the DAS training program, we do not commit to arranging training until we have contact within a couple of months of the language start date.

In addition to Service and DAS in-processing, students must complete academic in-processing at the DLI Washington Office prior to class start date. During academic in-processing, students will be briefed on the location and hours of training, as well as other information regarding the course of instruction.

While we can answer many questions if you call ahead and we encourage you to do so, the details of exactly where you will be training and during what hours may not be available until your academic in-processing appointment. Call the training administrator at 703-325-0810 (DSN 221-0810) to schedule an appointment and to discuss any issues of concern prior to your in processing.

Training is also available for the spouses of DAS personnel, if authorized by DIA. It is usually done under DLI Washington auspices, but the JMAS Training Management Office and DIA may also be able to support in certain cases. Begin the process of requesting spouse training with your training manager at JMAS (phone numbers on your training schedule) and provide all details to the DLI Washington training administrator. 

Spouse training can be either full-time (20 hours per week) or part time (6-18 hours per week). Full time training can be either in the same class as the sponsor, or separately. However, all spouse training must be conducted at the school facility and during normal duty hours. Spouses have the option of whether to test or not at the conclusion of their training, but they are expected to progress and prepare within the scope of their individual programs.

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