Transcripts and Academic Records

Due to current staffing levels, it takes approximately 3-4 weeks to process transcript requests. Incomplete or hard to read forms may cause delays in processing.

Transcripts of academic records may be requested for most resident foreign language programs conducted by or for DLIFLC. Transcripts will consist of all foreign language courses and degrees earned at DLIFLC. Video Training Team/Mobile Training Team [VTT/MTT], Headstart, Enhancement Language Training, and Army E-Learning Courses are not awarded academic credit by the DLIFLC Office of the Registrar. For questions on any of those types of language training, please choose the appropriate recipient from the drop down menu on the "Contact Us" page (see link below).

To request an official DLIFLC transcript, complete a DLIFLC FORM 220 Transcript Request. This form is found at the menu on the left in REGISTRAR FORMS. Write the name and full address of the receiving institutions and the number of copies to be sent. A completed and signed DLIFLC FORM 220 may be mailed, faxed or scanned/emailed to the Registrar's Office for processing.

To check on the status of your transcript request please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

Transcripts sent directly to students will be marked "Issued to Student" unless the student specifically requests to have them sent to their home address inside a "sealed envelope". All transcripts will be sent via the U.S. Postal Service. There is no fee for transcripts.

Students may establish a password allowing them to request future transcripts without a signed request. Simply select your own password and write it on a signed and completed transcript request form. Once the signed transcript request form and requester's password have been processed by the Registrar's Office, transcripts may be requested without a signature, by using the established password.

To request DLPT ACE College credit use the DLIFLC FORM 420 found in REGISTRAR FORMS at the menu to the left.

Requests for academic transcripts should be directed to the DLIFLC Registrar's Office at the address below:

Attn: Registrar's Office
597 Lawton Rd. Bldg 634 Rm 4
Monterey CA 93944

To check on the status of your transcript request please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.

Phone: 831-242-6455
DSN Phone: 768-6455
Fax: 831-242-5146
DSN Fax: 768-5146

You can also reach us via the e-mail address listed on the DLIFLC Transcript Request form, or through our Contact us page.

DLIFLC 1759 Lewis Rd. Bldg 614, Ste. 251 - Presidio of Monterey - Monterey, CA 93944 (831) 242-5119, (DSN-768)