Educational Leadership Program


The purpose of the Educational Leadership Program is to promote organizational development and growth by facilitating the development of core competencies in areas of foreign language teaching, curriculum development, teacher education, leadership, and language program administration. The goal of this program is to provide tailored development opportunities in the form of workshops, courses, projects, and seminars for current and future department chairs, academic specialists, deans, team leaders, and other personnel in leadership positions. The program has the following major objectives:

  • To identify individual and group development needs
  • To develop a thorough understanding of processes involved in organizational growth, development, and leadership
  • To create core competencies in FL teaching and program management at DLIFLC
  • To develop skills in designing, developing & managing effective faculty development programs
  • To create a professional “community of practice” across the Institute by providing opportunities for sharing ideas and experiences
  • To develop a basic functional understanding of principles, rules, and regulations involved in supervising GS & FPS employees
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