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    • Join us on May 8th for our annual Language Day event and experience first hand why we are the best language institute in the country! Please use BOLIO gate to access this OPEN EVENT.
    • New issue of GLOBE magazine is available! Read it online, or download a PDF copy and read it on your mobile device.
    • HeadStart2 is 80 to 100 hours of self-study predeployment language material for the training of one unit leader per platoon. Currently available in 21 languages, Headstart2 can be taken online or ordered via our website.
    • Rapport is 6 to 8 hours of mandatory predeployment training for all DoD personnel and is available online via dliflc.edu, AKO, DKO, NKO, and JLU. Iraqi Rapport is mandatory training for DA civilians and Soldiers prior to deployment.
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    • North Korean Supplemental Materials – contains a wealth of lessons and exercises using the North Korean dialect covering materials from level 2 to level 4. To access these materials, click here.
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New Monterey Mayor visits DLIFLC and POM
The new mayor of Monterey, Clyde Robertson, visited the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center Feb. 5, on a first time visit to the Presidio since he took office in November 2014. Roberts was accompanied by City Manager Mike McCarthy and deputy City Manager Danial Pick. ...more
Ten become U.S. citizens at Presidio of Monterey
Ten individuals were inducted as new U.S. citizens in a naturalization ceremony that took place at the Presidio of Monterey Feb. 5, marking the seventh such event hosted by the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center. Naturalization ceremonies occur several times a year at DLIFLC, organized by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services from nearby San Jose, Calif., in cooperation with the Institute's Faculty Personnel System. Some 1,800 foreign language instructors teach 23 languages at the Institute....more
Marines take Commanders Cup
The Marine Corps Detachment defeated the Army, Air Force and Navy at the second quarter Commanders Cup Feb. 4, on Soldier Field. Just before the competition began, several awards were presented to service members. To make the competition more interesting, DLIFLC Commandant, Col. David K. Chapman began the race by announcing the names of randomly drawn service members to compete in pull-ups, sit-ups, burpees, the litter race, and the relay race....more
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