Language Day is our opportunity to share with you the secret we have all discovered – knowing a foreign language opens windows to the world! You are invited to attend Language Day on May 11, 2018. Several thousand high school students and their chaperones throughout California and neighboring states are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to visit our world-renowned military language institute during its annual open house.


The 2018 DLIFLC Language Day event will kick-off at 10:00 am and last until about 3:30 pm. Activities consist of classroom demonstrations, cultural exhibits, outdoor entertainment, and plenty of international food and souvenir vendors.

Click on the image on the left to see and download the 2018 Language Day Program.

Things to consider bringing to the event: jacket/raincoat (in case of rain or cold weather), cash (food vendors on-site), sun block and water. Due to security measures, you may not be able to bring bags (i.e. back packs, oversized bags, etc.) into the event area.

Please be advised that DLIFLC does not provide transportation to this event.

Due to security measures and limited parking, please plan on arriving early. Personal vehicles will be able to park at the Lower Presidio and only school buses will be allowed on base.

Visitors who park at the Lower Presidio will be able to use DLI provided shuttles to reach Soldier Field, where the event takes place. Be advised that most visitors start arriving around 8:00 am.

To contact the DLIFLC staff for specific questions please contact us using:; or call (831) 200-4211.