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Old Capital Club members tour DLIFLC

Nearly 50 members of the Monterey Old Capital Club visited the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center Wednesday, receiving a briefing and tour of the installation that included observing servicemembers studying Arabic.

“We had a great visit today by the Old Capital Club, a group of citizens very interested in how DLI works and what contributions it makes to the community,” said DLIFLC Provost Dr. Donald Fischer, who briefed the visitors, many of whom are prominent members of the Monterey Bay community. 

“It was great having them here and to be able to inform local citizens about what we are doing here and how our young servicemembers, through the learning of foreign languages, contribute to the security of our nation, “explained Fischer. 

OCC members had the opportunity to find out about the use of state-of-the-art technology in the classrooms that include interactive whiteboards, tablet PCs and iPods which serve as tools to more rapidly learn a foreign language.

Questions from the audience ranged from how DLI recruits teachers of less commonly taught languages, to the process of placing the right students in the right language category.

“It was interesting to hear the wide range of questions the visitors had. They were very good questions,” Fischer commented, regarding the queries that ranged from what kind of tests are given to students to determine their ability to learn a language, to how the Institute language materials are shared with other language

Photos and Story by

Natela Cutter

Caption 1: Mr. Glen Hiner examines an iPad during a briefing of DLIFLC's interactive language program called the Broadband Language Training System.

Caption 2: DLIFLC Provost, Dr. Donald Fischer, (center) responds to questions posed by Old Capital Club members.

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