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DLIFLC students compete in 7th Annual Korean Speech Contest

Fourteen exceptional 1st, 2nd, and 3rd semester Asian School II students from the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center gave original speeches to compete in the 7th Annual Korean Speech Contest, held June 26 at the Presidio Tin Barn.

More than 150 students, faculty and staff showed for the competition, to cheer on the students who spent numerous hours on their Korean language speeches to enter the contest.

"We have seen outstanding results from the Korean program. We are very lucky to have such a highly qualified faculty. I salute the members of the Korean schools, students and faculty. You guys are just great,' said DLIFLC's Provost Dr. Donald Fisher in his opening remarks.

Aside from the speeches given, Korean students also engaged in singing and dancing, and wore traditional Korean dress.  

Selected judges had a difficult time deciding the winner. Speeches were judged on content and structure, vocabulary and grammar, fluency, and audience reaction.

Winners included Army Maj. Matthew Simmons, Lance Cpl. Steven Bright, and Airman 1st Class Nicholas Abid. The Commandants Award was given to Lance Cpl. Miguel Lles.

"Our teachers are good! It is a very important mission to continue studying so we can keep North Korea peaceful. You will be on the front lines of very
strategic communication," said  DLIFLC Commandant Col. Sue Ann Sandusky said in Korean.

"I was astounded at the level of language being conveyed," she added.

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