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Former U.S. ambassador conducts career development training for future class of FAOs
MONTEREY, Calif. - James Moriarty, the former American Ambassador to Bangladesh and Nepal, conducted a two-hour training session June 14, at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, as a part of a familiarization course for Foreign Area Officers. After completing language and culture training at DLIFLC, the FAOs will be working at U.S. embassies abroad. 

“It was nice to hear from experiences and get advice from someone on the State Department side and how relations work between the military and the State Department (personnel),” said China FAO Lt. Roy Chesson, who enjoyed hearing about the embassy staff sections and how they function.

Moriarty called upon his 35 years of experience in the State Department to recount stories that seemed to impress the participants and occasionally caused an uproar of laughter.

According to Moriarty, DLIFLC is setting up FAOs for success by providing top-notch education in foreign languages, a critical skill for those who will be working overseas.

“In a lot of countries you absolutely need to have the local language. I went to observe the Chinese classes here and I was very surprised and pleased at how much progress the people have made in a few short months,” Moriarty explained.

During the lecture, Moriarty gave encouraging remarks to FAOs by reminding them that the job they are going to do is more critical than ever, due to the impending reduced presence of military forces overseas.

“We are all out there to do the same thing. An ambassador is out there to advance U.S. goals in a given country, and a FAO is a part of that process; and the more senior a FAO gets, the more they will be an important part of that process,” stated Moriarty.

“Part of the problem is people who don’t understand the area and their duties. The FAO program is terrific because what you’re [DLIFLC] doing is training a corps of officers who understand the location and how embassies work and can work well in that environment,” said Moriarty.

Story and Photos by

Brian Lamar, DLIFLC Strategic Communications

Photo: Former U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh, James Moriarty conducts a two-hour professional development class with DLIFLC Foreign Area Officers. (U.S. Army photo by Brian Lamar)
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