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Meet DLIFLC's new Command Sergeant Major
MONTEREY, Calif. - The newest addition to the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center's military leadership, Command Sgt. Maj. Alan Pendergast, arrived June 15 to replace outgoing Command Sgt. Maj. Tracey Bellotte.

For the past two years, Pendergast has been stationed in Yongsan, Korea, at the home of the 8th Army in the United States Forces Korea Headquarters. He worked with the Republic of Korea military on a day-to-day basis and from there he was selected to come to DLIFLC.

Pendergast is no stranger to DLIFLC, having graduated from the Korean Basic Course in 1988 and later filled a Korean linguist position at Fort Ord for his language utilization tour.

Pendergast has enjoyed multiple assignments and duties throughout his 30-year career. In addition to serving as a linguist, he has also been a military policeman, a counterintelligence agent, and has graduated from the Sergeants Major Academy. Moreover, he received a of Masters of Art in Education, summa cum laude, from Touro University International, which is now part of Trident University.

"Five out of my last eight years have been in Korea. Out of the other three years, about two of them were at Fort Bragg and then 15 months were in Iraq," said Pendergast.

When in Korea, he was in Area 1 for two years, which is in the northern part of South Korea, close to the Korean Demilitarized Zone, as Battalion Sergeant Major of the 107th Military Intelligence Battalion. He was then selected to serve as the Battalion Sergeant Major for the 2nd Infantry Division Special Troops Battalion, a battalion of approximately 1,600 Soldiers on the Korean Peninsula.

Now, as the new Command Sgt. Maj. at DLIFLC, Pendergast said, "I'm hoping to mentor the senior NCOs [non-commissioned officers] here to be the best leaders they can be for our junior Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines and to assist the commandant in providing the highest quality training that a person can get."

Since Pendergast worked with Joint Task Force 6 in El Paso on a counter-drug mission with Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Army, he said that the transition to DLIFLC should not be a big adjustment - he has worn the "purple suit" before.

One of his chief responsibilities will be "to enable students to have the best opportunities to succeed in learning their languages that they?re here to study, whether that is through initiatives, or through the professors, doctors, teachers and all the people who work here," said Pendergast.

Pendergast concluded by saying, "we're all here for one mission, and that's to ensure we give the students the best quality language education that they can get."

Story by

Devon Swanson, Strategic Communications

Photo by Pvt. 1st Class Scolaighe Goebert
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