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DLIFLC welcomes new Chief of Staff
MONTEREY, Calif. - In mid May, the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center welcomed Lt. Col. Ross Gagliano as the new DLIFLC Chief of Staff.

Over the course of his military career, Col. Gagliano has held positions ranging from platoon leader to brigade-level staff, including his most recent assignment as the G-1 (Personnel & Administration Staff) for the 20th Support Command CBRNE - the Army's chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives headquarters.

As Chief of Staff, Gagliano's job is to synchronize and oversee all DLIFLC personnel in matters of logistics, operations, and resource management.  He must ensure that all the staff elements communicate with one another and maintain awareness of the overall mission. Luckily for DLIFLC, his previous assignments have allowed him to wear many different hats.

"I've served as an S4, a logistician. I've had property books that I've had to manage... I've been a brigade S-3, had the training piece locked in, and made sure all of those pieces mixed together," said Gagliano.

Despite having served in numerous roles throughout his time in the military, Gagliano recognizes the challenges of his new assignment. "Understanding the faculty personnel system is a new piece that I haven't experienced before, so I'm beginning to understand all the nuances with that, and how that plays in," he said.

Another unique aspect of working at DLIFLC is the fact that all branches of the military are represented, each with their own procedures and lingo.  Gagliano welcomes this diversity with open arms: "As a MEPS commander, I did have Airmen, I had Sailors, and I had Marines in my command, and very much enjoyed working with them. So, it's very good to be back in that environment."

Story and photo credits:

Story by Scolaighe Goebert, Strategic Communications

Photo by Natela Cutter, Strategic Communications: Lt. Col. Ross Gagliano, DLIFLC Chief of Staff

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