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Winter GLOBE 2010/2011 is out!
Ms. Nancy Weaver, DoD Senior Language Authority, stated that language capabilities are a critical skill for 21st century missions and that “language skills, regional expertise, and cultural capabilities must be part of a warfighter’s capabilities for success.”

The new GLOBE issue is full of stories like the one above, how DoD improves personnel language skills, regional expertise, and cultural capabilities. You can also read how NSA’s Gen. Keith Alexander observed a Levantine course, here at POM. There was also the New Marine Corps commandant who visited a Pashto class.

On 28 pages you will find a lot of information about life and events at DLI, and on page 16 you will also have a chance to meet our new Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Jonathan Russell.

There was also the 69th Anniversary Ball, and many, many more events which are all documented in the latest issue of the GLOBE.
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