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DLIFLC produces Japanese LSKs in record time
Just three days after the devastating March 11 Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) made available Japanese Language Survival Kits, small pocket sized guides with audio recordings, covering three topics:  Japanese Basic, Japanese Aircrew, and Japanese Medical.

"Our technology team, basically within 100 hours, went from  understanding there was a natural disaster in Japan, to leveraging resources we have at the Presidio of Monterey and quickly turning (out) a product that could be used by DoD elements and aid workers alike," said DLIFLC Commandant Col. Danial D. Pick. "By Monday morning, the Japanese materials were ready to be sent to our print plant for reproduction and also posted to DLIFLC's Product page," he said.

The Institute's Technology Integration Dean, Pamela Combacau, found out early Friday morning Pacific time about the earthquake in Japan and immediately began planning. "I waited for a few hours before waking people but by 6 AM I called a colleague to have Japanese instructors made available for the audio recording that I knew was necessary to complete the product," Combacau explained.

The first customer for the Japanese LSKs was Navy servicemembers aboard the USS Reagan, who preferred to download the files in order to save on time.

"We look forward to hearing back from elements operating in Japan and will take all of that feedback into account and refine our products to make them better  to support future operations," commented Pick.

Last year DLIFLC shipped 65,000 Haitian-Creole LSKs in support of U.S. Southern Command relief operations during the humanitarian crisis in Haiti as a result of the devastating earthquake that struck Jan. 11, 2010.
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