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03/27/2015 By Gary Harrington, DLIFLC Public Affairs

MONTEREY, Calif. -- The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center was a lot bigger than he thought, the professionalism of the command was extraordinary as well as the staff and students that make up the school, summed up Maj. Gen. Glen Moore.

Moore began his visit with a tour of Gasiewicz Hall, a cultural immersion facility on Ord Military Community, where the Immersion Language Office director, Jelena Teague, gave him a tour, which included visiting an Arabic immersion class.

Moore said he was impressed the immersion program and was especially impressed with the overseas immersion program and how it enables students to learn in a natural environment the language they are studying.

Moore also visited DLI's Continuing Education program. Dr. Christine Campbell, associate provost for Continuing Education, briefed Moore on the Distance Learning capabilities that are offered through various programs and products.

Moore received a product demonstration that used Headstart2, GLOSS and RAPPORT LSKs, which are accessed by students and government linguists around the world daily.

Moore said he saw how the products offered could be a great asset to National Guard members before deployments, especially the Headstart2 program and that he would like to see the online products pushed by the National Guard Intelligence Advisory Council. Then, at Presidio of Monterey, Moore observed Persian-Farsi students.

His reaction was an impressed one as he noted the professionalism and dedication of the students in learning to master a language in such short periods. "They are terrific examples of extraordinary Soldiers," he said.

Finally, after a briefing from DLIFLC Commandant Col. David Chapman and 229th Military Intelligence Battalion Commander Lt. Col.  Derrick Long, Moore finished his visit with a town-hall event with institute's Army National Guard students.

With Moore's staff on hand they were able to respond to questions from the students, giving top leadership a bigger and brighter picture of the daily lives of students at the Defense Language Institute Foreign language Center.




Story and Photos by Gary Harrington, DLIFLC Public Affairs

Photo 1: DLIFLC Commandant, Col David Chapman briefs Maj. Gen. Moore on the mission of the DLIFLC.

Photo 2: Maj. Gen Moore talks to a Army National Guard student during lunch at Belas Dining Facility.

Photo 3: Maj. Gen Moore addresses more than 120 Army National Guard students at a Town Hall. 


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