Visiting Procedures

The Protocol Office serves as the single coordination office and point of contact for all distinguished visitor (DV) visits, conferences, and events that pertain to the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center and Presidio of Monterey. You can reach us via Contact Us page or by phone: (831) 242-5302.

Academic visits which pertain to educational matters need to e-mail the Office of the Provost or should call (831) 242-4044.

For educational tours to the Installation please contact the DLIFLC Mission Public Affairs Office. Once confirmed, the visit will be coordinated with the Office of the Provost. Please email us for more information.

Alumni visits to the Institute need to be arranged in advance by contacting the Mission PAO office or by phone: (831) 242-6150 and in coordination with the DLI Alumni Association via its website

For media inquiries and/or visits to the Institute please coordinate with the Mission Public Affairs Office or by calling (831) 242-6150. Alternatively, you may also contact the Garrison Public Affairs Office at (831) 242-5555 or by email at: presidiopao@gmail.com

Access to the Presidio of Monterey
Access to the Presidio of Monterey is restricted to those with proper Department of Defense credentials or identification. Each requested visit will be considered on a case-by-case basis and with consideration to the minimal disruption of the Institute's primary mission of foreign language instruction. Visitors are not allowed in academic areas without prior approval from the Office of the Provost.  

* Each requested visit must include the applicant's name, citizenship (U.S. or foreign), organization(s) with which the visitor is affiliated (business, school, service, etc.), date and time of requested visit, areas of interest, and email, address, and telephone number where the applicant may be reached.

* All foreign visitors must submit two written requests to DLIFLC 45 days prior to the projected visit. In addition to the standard DLIFLC request, they must also supply another form from their respective embassy's Military Attache Office.  Processing of these requests usually takes one month.

*Same-day requests by visitors are possible if a sponsoring organization agrees to the visit; however, such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may not be granted if time does not permit the visitor to be properly identified or other commitments preclude an escort being provided.

DLIFLC 1759 Lewis Rd. Bldg 614, Ste. 251 - Presidio of Monterey - Monterey, CA 93944 (831) 242-5119, (DSN-768)