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In addition to the language materials used for our basic and advanced courses, DLIFLC produces several publications as well, and they are all available below as PDFs.


DLIFLC General Catalogs – Please note: All catalog years are listed. If the year you need is not listed, please see the catalog prior to that year. Example: If you want to look at information for 2005 courses, see the 2003 General Catalog.

AA Degree Forms (6)
Academic Journals: Applied Language Learning (21)
Academic Journals: Dialog on Language Instruction (15)
Academic Senate (1)
Accreditation Documents (3)
Additional Resources (5)
ADOS related documents (5)
Annual Program Reviews (6)
BLTS (2)
CASL Materials (1)
CLPM materials (1)
Command History (12)
DLI Catalog (14)
DLIFLC Hall of Fame (1)
DLPT Related Documents (34)
Forms and Documents (14)
GLOBE (111)
Historical Materials (30)
Language Day (1)
Program Brochures (1)
Student Handbook (2)
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