Research and Analysis Division

The Research and Analysis Division of the Directorate of Evaluation and Standardization, DLIFLC conducts and coordinates educational research and program evaluation studies addressing a wide variety of topics in foreign language learning, including language teaching and testing procedures, curriculum design, instructional methodologies, faculty development, program administration, immersion education, the use of educational technology, and the characteristics of successful learners and how best to select and assign them to language study. Many studies and projects are conducted by the division’s own expert staff; others are performed with contractor assistance or in coordination with other government agencies.

In addition, the division houses the Institutional Review Board (IRB), the key component in DLIFLC’s Human Research Protection Program. IRB approval is required for all research involving human subjects that is conducted, sponsored, approved, or directed by the Institute. The division also provides consultative services for research activities by DLIFLC faculty and staff and approved external researchers, performs institutional research studies, and coordinates on the design and quality control of databases for educational research. It also solicits customer satisfaction feedback and conducts other survey and analysis projects as requested by DLIFLC offices.

When needed, the division conducts and reports on language needs assessments and coordinates cooperative agreements with non-government entities as a Research Center under the Technology Transfer Act.

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