School of Distance Learning

The School of Distance Learning is a relatively new addition to Continuing Education family. Established in 2009, this school provides a range of courses and services to support second language acquisition, sustainment and enhancement regardless of where the learner is located in the world. Offering a combination of self-study and instructor-mediated online programs, support services and tech support, the School of Distance Learning fundamental priority is to offer support to lifelong foreign language learners across the entire proficiency spectrum. 

In addition to our online self-study and instructor-mediated programs, the School of Distance Learning also provides:

Support Services:

The School of Distance learning’s Support Products are designed to provide distance language learners at every proficiency level with a wide range of products and services designed to enhance foreign language acquisition, sustainment and enhancement in the classroom and in self-study, as well as for application in operational environments. Support Products are created for Distance Learning delivery by a number of developers throughout DLIFLC and are constantly being updated and enhanced. Currently available are downloadable Field Support Modules, Country briefs, accent libraries, Headstart courses, the Global Language Online Support System, Weekly Training Events and much, much more. Also available are online Cultural Awareness Assessments and an Online Diagnostic Assessment. These tools can help language learners become more self-aware about their own proficiency levels and what they can themselves do to make improvements.

Tech Support Services:

The School of Distance Learning’s Tech Support Services Section provides the behind-the-scenes support that keeps our Distance Learning systems up-and-running and our content fresh. Tech Support Services also ensures that our faculty is kept abreast of any emerging technologies with the potential to provide value-added to the distance learning experience.

Instructor Services Pool:

The School of Distance Learning’s Instructor Services Pool includes both full-time faculty and part-time reserve instructors that support our online Self-Study Courses and Instructor-Mediated courses. Drawn from the very best that DLIFLC has to offer, our full time faculty can provide instruction in Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, Serbian-Croatian, and Spanish, as well as many sub-dialects. Additional languages can also be supported by calling on support from other DLIFLC schools and from an extensive pool of part-time reserve instructors who have been trained and certified as E-mentors.

For more information contact the Dean of the School of Distance Learning at (831) 242-5566 or send written inquiries to:

School of Distance Learning
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