"I would like to see this school be a place people look forward to coming to work and feel inspired, creative and respected."

Janette Edwards, Ed.D.

Dean, Middle East School II

Within the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, the importance of quality instruction is not only understood but valued.  Janette Edwards shares this conviction, found evident in over 30 years of service in the academic world. After eight years with DLIFLC working in Faculty Development and as Assistant Dean, Edwards is now the newest dean of Middle East School II.    

"The best preparation for academic leadership as a dean that I've had, was being a teacher for a very long time," said Edwards.    

In 1978, Edwards began her career by teaching English as a Foreign Language in Athens, Greece for 16 years. Edwards went on to not only continue teaching English, but also Greek as a Second Language. After years of teaching abroad and also domestically at California State University, Chico, Edwards made the move to DLIFLC.    

Edwards spent six years in Faculty Development as Program Manager and Faculty Development Specialist before becoming Assistant Dean to Hiam Kanbar in Middle East School I.  For Edwards, her time spent working with Kanbar allowed her an excellent insight into a school where expectations were both set high and made clear, resulting in a smoothly running dynamic.    

"I really feel that I'm in a position to bring about changes that will be rewarding for everyone in the end. There is a huge bank of good will at this school and I know I can work with that," said Edwards.    

Now Edwards has a school of her own, and a vision she is cultivating for her staff and faculty. After conducting six sensing sessions, one with each department, Edwards has achieved a deeper understanding of how the faculty thinks and what changes they feel are necessary.

"In addition to just always raising our level of excellence, I would like to see this school be a place where people look forward to coming to work and feel inspired, creative, and respected," said Edwards.

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