Brian Perry, J.D.

Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel and Logistics

Located in the Headquarters' building in Rasmussen Hall, Perry says that coming back to the Monterey Peninsula "feels like I'm coming home," having finished his Advanced Individual Training while the Army post existed at Ord Military Community in nearby Seaside, Calif.

Responding to the question what has prepared him for the challenge at DLIFLC, Perry said "I lived in Saudi Arabia for six years and spent nine years in Germany. I was commissioned to the Field Artillery and then Logistics branch, which overlaps with what I'm doing here," explaining that he was the staff director for U.S. Africa Command J-4 (logistics).

At DLIFLC, Perry is in charge of all personnel matters for the Institute.

"The Faculty Personnel System is unique in that we have foreign nationals working (here) so they're not on the General Schedule pay system. We handle immigration issues, visas, labor issues/law, rating problems, and recruitment bonuses," he said. "My job will be to advise the Commandant on personnel issues and ensure that everyone knows the rules and requirements within the personnel system."

Perry also explained that he is responsible for conducting investigations when equipment is lost or damaged at the Institute.

"The fact that I'm a lawyer helps me in the logistics field mainly, because of loss of property, statement of charges, and legal issues, and also being a lawyer helps on the personnel side. So I just think that I fit perfectly here," he said.

Since DLIFLC is an academic institution, Perry feels that his experience as a historian at the European Command in Germany has prepared him well for this assignment.

When asked how his time at Fort Ord compared to being in Monterey at DLIFLC, he said, "I never saw the sun when I was in Advanced Individual Training but I love it here now."

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