Teaching at DLIFLC

Our teaching methodology is proficiency-oriented, based on team teaching with an average staffing ratio of two instructors per six to eight students.

DLIFLC hires foreign language teachers with strong language skills and academic experience. Our tenure-track, full-time faculty are offered federal benefits and competitive salaries.

The Institute employs more than 1,700 teachers and offers foreign language instruction in more than two dozen languages to approximately 3,500 students on a schedule that extends throughout the year. Courses are taught six hours per day, five days a week, with the exception of federal holidays and training holidays. The duration of courses range between 26 and 64 weeks, depending on the difficulty of the language.

DLIFLC has established itself as a national pacesetter in foreign language resident and non-resident education, using cutting-edge technology such as interactive whiteboards, the use of electronic based lessons, the Internet, interactive video, and podcasts, which interact with audio digital devices and tablet PC issued to students.

Aside from teaching in the classroom our instructors also work in Curriculum Development, writing new curricula for DLIFLC’s accelerated learning environment, work in Test Development, Faculty Development, and research and analysis. Instructors also engage in distance learning via Video Tele-Training lessons, or are sent to other locations as a part of instructor Mobile Training Teams to support military linguists or prepare deploying forces by teaching basic language and cultural familiarization courses.

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