Housing at DLIFLC

Family housing for DLIFLC students and permanent party is available at OMC and La Mesa Village. Both sites are managed and maintained by The Parks at Monterey Bay. Off-post housing, both for renting and buying is limited and very expensive. Current information concerning family housing may be obtained from The Parks at Monterey Bay – La Mesa (831) 644-0400 or The Parks at Monterey Bay – OMC (831) 392-0740.

The Parks at Monterey Bay maintains a referral list; so please call for details.
Photo by Hiro Chang, Presidio of Monterey Public AffairsTemporary Duty (TDY/TAD) Housing: Short-Term guest housing on POM is limited for PCS in/out and TDY/TAD personnel. Temporary lodging is administered by InterContinental Hotels Group – IHG Army Hotels (all services). For reservations, phone 1-877-711-TEAM or (831) 645-1199.
Additional short-term guest housing may be available on the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) complex with the Navy Lodge (USN), commercial (831) 372-6133, and Herman Hall (USN), commercial (831) 656-2060.
All military personnel PCS/TDY/TAD to DLIFLC shall first confirm housing availability with POM Lodging. If nothing is available, POM Lodging will issue the appropriate Statement of Non-Availability. Failure to use government lodging facilities may subject military personnel to additional out-of-pocket, non-reimbursable lodging expenses.
There are hotels / motels in the area, many with kitchenettes. For housing services office please click here.

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