DLIFLC In-processing

Army finance in-processing: Tuesday, 1330 at the Weckerling Center, Bldg. 326, POM, DSN 768-5282 or commercial (831) 242-5282.

Air Force in-processing: Mandatory Briefing for all AF personnel Wednesday 0730-0930, Tin Barn, Bldg 518., DSN 768-7484/5580 or commercial (831) 242-7484/5580.

Navy finance in-processing: Conducted locally at CIDD, DSN 768-5995 or commercial (831) 656-5995.

Marine finance in-processing: Monday-Friday, 0730-1630, MCD Bldg. 626B, DSN 768-5328/5407 or commercial (831) 242-5328/5407 and off-duty commercial (831) 242-6855.

Reserve Component Liaison (U.S. Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers): Building 616, Taylor Hall, second floor; DSN 768-3183/commercial (831) 242-3183; or

Allied Liaison Office: Bldg. 326, Weckerling Center, POM, DSN 768-5110 or commercial (831) 242-5110.

Foreign Area Officer Course: Officers should report during duty hours to the FAO Office at Bldg. 326, Weckerling Center, DSN 768-5110 or commercial (831) 242-5110.

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