Personal Vehicles: DLIFLC is a closed post. At the gate, personnel reporting for training will present proper ID and copy of orders assigning them to DLIFLC & POM. Guard Security will issue a temporary vehicle pass and direct all personnel accordingly. Required documentation for POVs include valid state drivers license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. Entry will be prohibited for all persons not having required documentation.

Commercial air service is available through San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles to Monterey. The Monterey Peninsula airport is located approximately five miles from the POM to OMC. There is no Government-provided transportation between Monterey Peninsula Municipal Airport and the POM, OMC or NPS.

Commercial taxis are available on and off post.

Commercial, local and long distance (Greyhound) bus service is available in the area.

AMTRAK service is available in Salinas, which is approximately 20 miles east of the Presidio.

Government transportation (shuttle bus) is available during published operating hours within POM. A shuttle bus service between POM and OMC operates five days a week, Monday-Friday, from 0700-1730. There is no charge for the shuttle bus. This shuttle is primarily for personnel who reside at OMC but work or attend classes on the POM (OMC to POM route in the morning, POM to OMC route in the afternoon).

Personnel attending Continuing Education (CE) Resident Intermediate, Advanced, Refresher and Sustainment courses held at OMC (DoD Center) who reside elsewhere will require other transportation (rental car, POV, etc).

You can contact the Transportation Office by clicking on this link.

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