Welcome to the DLI-Washington Office

The DLI-Washington office, situated in the District of Columbia, is a satellite office for DLIFLC headquartered in Monterey, California. The office has three primary functions: 

  • Administer the Contract Foreign Language Training Program (CFLTP), providing full-time resident instruction for military linguists, Defense Attaché System (DAS) personnel, Foreign Area Officers (FAOs) and for other language training requirements which cannot be met through regularly scheduled courses at DLIFLC at the Presidio of Monterey 
  • Represent the DLIFLC Commandant in the National Capital Region, acting as a liaison to DoD and other government agencies, as well as academic organizations. 
  • Provide training and certification for Presidential Translators who serve the Washington-Moscow Direct Communications Link (MOLINK).

DLI Washington HQ BuildingDLI-Washington, which is a under DLIFLC Command, trains over 900 students annually in approximately 60 languages under the Contract Foreign Language Program (CFLTP).

  • Our Goal:  To deliver the world’s best culturally based foreign language education and training in languages encompassing every region of the world – at the point of need. 
  • Our Mission: To provide language education that inspires confidence and professionalism in military linguists and our Presidential Translators who are part of the MOLINK program.

Foreign Language Acquisition Courses

All training for initial acquisition courses is delivered locally in the National Capital Region through our commercial vendors and is limited to authorized personnel.  All training is full time, Six (6) hours daily Monday through Friday. We manage training for Full Basic courses, Abbreviated Basic Courses, Familiarization Courses, Conversion Courses, and Refresher Courses. We also support DLIFLC’s Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) as needed.

Students at DLI-Washington are assigned proficiency level objectives based on the language they are studying, the length of the course, and their background. These objectives are stated in terms of the US Government Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) Skill Level Descriptions.

Most students are tested at the end of their courses using a DoD-approved proficiency test. Students are notified of the type of test they will be taking during the academic in-processing at DLI-Washington.

To learn more about the Defense Language Proficiency Test click here.

The Washington-Moscow Hotline (MOLINK) Courses

DLI Washington supports the work of the Washington-Moscow Hotline by training and certifying the civilian and military Presidential Translators who staff the facility. Our MOLINK Training Team comprises two full-time DLI-Washington faculty members who provide all trainings and manage all aspects of the DLI-W MOLINK Program.

Our Training Team provides new Presidential Translators an intensive 10-week course in Russian-to-English translation. At the conclusion of the course, an Interagency Assessment Panel evaluates and certifies the translators.  After certification, our faculty offers ongoing sustainment training to all Presidential Translators for the duration of their service at the Hotline.

Once you know you are coming to DLI-W, there are some very important milestones you must observe.

  • ASAP: Contact DLI-Washington immediately upon receipt of orders or a training schedule for further information about school’s location, training requirements, and registration details.
  • ASAP: Students with assignments/orders to DLI-Washington must contact us immediately and email PCS or TDY orders to DLIW_NCO@dliflc.edu.
  • 45 work days before the start date: if you are planning to sponsor a spouse in your training, please contact DLI-W.  This needs to be done early in order for DLI-W to explain the process to you and your spouse and to make contract adjustments.
  • 3 weeks before your start date: All new students will receive a welcome packet in their e-mail of record. All information needs to be returned to the POC stated in this packet before in-processing can be scheduled. If you have not received your welcome pack at least 3 weeks prior to your start date, please contact our office.

NOTE: Missing any of these milestones may delay the start of training. Lost time cannot be made up as contract end dates are firm.

Students will need to in-process both at DLI-Washington and their respective Service or Agency. Students need to complete all in-processing and housing arrangements prior to the class start date.

***DLI-W does not accept direct requests from personnel interested in language training. All requests must go through proper DLIFLC channels in Monterey which determines how and where the requirement can best be satisfied.***

For more information, including Frequently Asked Questions, please see our DLI-W New & Incoming Student Page.

In the event of a national or natural emergency during the duty day, accountability will be established through contact with the training facilities. Accountability during off-duty hours will be established by calls to the routine and emergency contact numbers provided at in-processing. It is the student’s responsibility to keep this information current. Students who are not available at those numbers should contact the DLI-Washington Office at

The DLI-Washington Office Emergency Action Plan directs you to remain in place and follow guidance issued by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), DLI-Washington and your assigned schools. OPM also offers a mobile App that gives users real-time status information and alerts.

Further guidance is provided by official announcements on radio (especially all-news WTOP 1500 AM or 103.5 FM), on local TV stations, or on-line at the Office of Personnel Management website.

  • If these announcements say that the Federal government is closed, or that only “essential” personnel need to report for duty, classes will not be held.
  • If a “liberal or unscheduled leave” or “delayed arrival” policy is in effect, students will report to class on time.

Students should be guided only by announcements pertaining to Federal Government Employees.Closings announced for locations where the training facility is located or where one resides, such as Fort Meade, or local jurisdictions such as the District of Columbia, Prince George’s County, Alexandria, or Fairfax County, do not pertain to DLI-Washington students.

Contact info:
Defense Language Institute – Washington D.C. Office   2530 Crystal Drive, Suite 1600, Arlington, VA  22202
Phone: 703-692-5478    Fax: 703-601-1056     DSN: 222-5478    E-Mail: DLIW@dliflc.edu