Protocol Office

The mission of the DLIFLC Protocol Office is to coordinate support for senior military, civilian, U.S. national and foreign visitors to DLIFLC and Presidio of Monterey. Protocol liaises with the major staff agencies, military commands and local civic organizations.

In addition, Protocol makes arrangements for command-sponsored functions, to include office calls, briefings, seminars, receptions, and VIP dinners/luncheons.

The office also advises the commander on matters of visitor support and protocol.

Due to the high frequency of visitors and the institute’s busy foreign language training schedule, the Protocol office is not able to offer tours of the installation.

Recruiters requesting academic tours of DLIFLC should contact the Mission Public Affairs office at

Access to the Presidio of Monterey
The institute offers open access to the installation on Language Day events in May. DLIFLC’s annual open house, which takes place on the second Friday in May. Members of the general public may visit DLIFLC to experience a full day of performances, ethnic foods, and mock foreign language lessons in more than two dozen languages. Visit our Facebook page for more information.

Visitors who would like to request a visit to DLIFLC on official business should use the Visitor Authorization Request form to initiate the process.