Continuing Education

Continuing Education Directorate provides superior post-basic foreign language instruction via resident and non-resident programs to approximately 30,000 DoD and other U.S. government personnel each year to assure full linguist mission readiness. Established in 2000 to meet the proficiency enhancement needs of the DoD language professional population, CE’s mission has dramatically grown over the years to include foreign language and culture training abroad.

Continuing Education became a directorate in November 2003. High demand for advanced intensive foreign language training has prompted continuous expansion that is now composed of the Extension Programs Division, the Field Support Division and the Distance Learning Division. 

Distance Learning provides post-basic and familiarization foreign language instruction and support to DoD personnel via non-resident, special residential, and technology-mediated programs to assure full mission readiness. 

Distance Learning belongs to the Directorate of Continuing Education.  Initially established as a constituent division of Continuing Education in 2000, it became the Distance Learning in 2003 when CE became a DLIFLC directorate, supporting language professionals from all branches of the armed services.

Training is delivered both face-to-face and online. Mobile Training Teams travel to student locations to teach enhancement, refresher, and familiarization courses. Online instruction is conducted using the Broadband Language Training System platform.

Instructional programs are currently offered in 17 different languages including Arabic (MSA, Egyptian, Iraqi, and Levantine dialects), Chinese, Dari, Korean, Pashto, Persian Farsi, Russian, Serbian-Croatian, Spanish, and Vietnamese, as well as many sub-dialects.

MTTs are especially designed to meet the language training requirements of students at the request of their military units. Exceptional and dedicated instructors are dispatched to teach students at a plethora of locations around the world. Post-Basic MTT Courses typically last up to six weeks, while MTTs of longer duration are also conducted for special missions. Familiarization courses have a duration of two days and up to two weeks.

Online training, offered through BLTS, allows for more flexible scheduling and instruction tailored to individual student needs. Students receive both synchronous (same time, anyplace) and asynchronous (any time, any place) lessons and self-study assignments. DL also provides professional military linguists with access to a myriad of online foreign language materials to enhance cultural knowledge. 

DL offers yet another important resource for intensive foreign language training through the Defense Threat Reduction Agency Russian Interpreting Course. This course focuses on professional level translation and consecutive interpretation skills related to arms control. The 47-week program includes a curriculum built upon 31 essential topics covering all aspects of Russian society, history, literature, and culture. The goal for students is attainment of professional interpreting skills along with higher levels of proficiency across all topics and skill modalities (listening, speaking, reading, and writing).  

Through eight Language Training Detachments, the Field Support Division provides global adaptive language and culture training in support of the warfighter and their operational demands at the point of need. The FS mission is unique because it offers tailored instruction to fit the needs of the field commanders. These courses are operationally oriented and use task-based/scenario-based instruction as the primary methodology. Currently, support is provided to Special Operations, Professional Military Education, and General Purpose Forces.

Continuing Education’s Extension Programs Division provides superior post-basic language training in locations with heavy concentrations of professional linguists. EP now manages a network of permanent post-basic Language Training Detachments in support of DoD missions around the world. EP LTDs enhance students’ language skills, improve intercultural competency, and foster lifelong language learning.

The majority of EP LTDs are housed within and represent a major part of the National Cryptologic School Language Centers. Although most are not located on military bases, they serve DoD of Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, and civilian language analysts.

Ranging in size from a small number of instructors to more than two dozen permanent faculty, LTDs allow linguists to participate in language instruction at their assigned locations while carrying out their normal duties. Not only do LTDs reduce a linguists’ time away from their units and families, but they also provide service members convenient access to foreign language enhancement.

On a year-round basis, EP LTDs offer on-site tailored instruction in a variety of target languages through a mixture of formal courses and “just-in-time” training. LTD instructors typically serve tours of three years or longer in field locations and conduct proficiency-oriented enhancement, intermediate, and advanced language courses aimed to bring linguists to proficiency levels of 2+, 3 and beyond.

Some LTD assignments include language for special purposes and emphasize instruction in translation and interpretation. Additionally, a number of LTDs conduct an ongoing language improvement program that combines classroom study and directed independent learning. All faculty members participate in curriculum development assignments as part of their regular, daily duties.

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