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The GLOBE is an authorized publication under the provisions of AR 360-1 and the Associated Press Style Guide for members of the Department of Defense.

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The GLOBE is published by DLIFLC Public Affairs Office.

The DLIFLC General Catalog provides constituencies with precise, accurate and current information to include general information pertaining to DLIFLC, admissions and academic requirements, course descriptions, and major policies affecting students.

All catalog years are listed. If the year you need is not listed, please see the catalog prior to that year. Example: If you want to look at information for 2005 courses, see the 2003 General Catalog.

Academic Journals

The mission of Applied Language Learning is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information on instructional methods and techniques, curriculum and materials development, assessment of needs within the profession, testing and evaluation, and implications and applications of research from related fields such as linguistics, education, communications, psychology, and the social sciences.

Dialog on Language Instruction is an occasional internal publication of the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) and part of its professional development program. Its primary function is to promote the exchange of professional knowledge and information among DLIFLC faculty and staff and to encourage professional communication within the worldwide Defense Foreign Language Program. DLIFLC faculty and staff can access Dialog on Language Instruction issues from this internal site.