Language Proficiency Assessment

The Language Proficiency Assessment Directorate has various duties, which include the following:
Test Development

Design, develop, validate, implement, and monitor Defense Language Proficiency Tests (DLPTs), used world-wide by the Department of Defense for measuring proficiency in listening and reading comprehension according to the INTERAGENCY LANGUAGE ROUNDTABLE (ILR) LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY SCALE.

• Design, develop, validate, implement, and monitor performance tests for the resident program.
• Design, developing, and validate final exams for courses in the resident program.
• Currently migrating from traditional test delivery to computer delivery and exploring methods to move to computer adaptive testing.

Tester Training & Education
• The Proficiency Standards Division is responsible for training language testers and maintaining Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) tester skills.
• Monitor and provide quality control of the OPI system.
• Provide noncertification workshops for managers and nontesters.
• Provide training and information on the Interagency Language Roundtable language proficiency scale.
• Ensure consistent implementation of proficiency standards across DLIFLC through training in text rating and review of materials.
• Develop and conduct Guided Proficiency Tests in low volume languages.
Test Management
• This department carries out the following duties:
• Schedule, coordinate, and report on OPIs for resident program, certain field linguists, and faculty applicants.
• Schedule interim and end-of-program student opinion questionnaires for the resident program.
• Maintain answer sheets, secure test material, and data bases to provide quality control for world-wide DLPT system.
• Coordinate with PERSCOM to ensure timely reproduction and distribution of new DLPTs.
Research & Evaluation Division
• The Research and Evaluation division is in charge of performing the following tasks:
• Design, conduct/coordinate, and report on applied research in foreign language learning.
• Establish guidelines and procedures for language learning-related research at DLIFLC by faculty or members of the academic/military community.
• Serve as a point of contact for activities related to DLIFLC’s status as a Federal Lab under the Technology Transfer Act.
• Conduct Language Needs Assessments (LNAs) for the user community.
Evaluation Division
• This division is in charge of carrying out the following duties:
• Design, development, and analyze opinion questionnaires for the resident and nonresident programs.
• Prepare trend analysis and reports.
• Manage the Feedforward/Feedback System with Goodfellow Air Force Base.
• Conduct internal and external evaluation visits.