Command Language Program Support

Military organizations with military language professionals assigned are required to establish a Command Language Program (CLP) and appoint a Command Language Program Manager (CLPM).

The CLPM is the Commander’s primary advisor and advocate on linguist-related issues and is tasked to assist military linguist personnel in maintaining their language capabilities. The CLPM is also responsible for reporting the status of language training and readiness to the Commander.

Command Language Program (CLP) Support, DLIFLC focuses on empowering commanders of units with language, regional expertise, and culture (LREC) capabilities to build, maintain, and enhance unit foreign language readiness by equipping Command Language Program Managers with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to administer effective Command Language Programs.

As part of Continuing Education Directorate-Field Support Division’s ongoing efforts to assist field units in meeting mission foreign language requirements, CLP Support seeks to be the hub for subject matter expertise and resources within the DoD LREC community supporting DoD policymakers and Service commanders at all echelons and in all aspects of the LREC program.

CLP Support helps prepare CLPMs worldwide to advise commanders and manage unit language training plans through educational programs; CLP Support can conduct assistance visits to CLPs, as requested. CLP Support presents quarterly CLPM certification courses in the Monterey, CA area and training to units via Mobile Training Teams on request.

For information about the Advanced CLPM Workshop, please click here.


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