Clearance Request

Public Release of DLIFLC Information

If you intend to publish or present at conferences information about DLIFLC outside of the Institute, you must first clear your material with the Mission Public Affairs Office. Consult with your supervisor and fill out the 1910 form, found on this page below. Submit your work together with the 1910 form 30 days prior to your conference or publication date.

Submission Process

The below described process applies to the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center and all other subordinate organizational entities (referred to collectively in this document as the “DLIFLC Components”) except for the Office of the Inspector General. The Inspector General of the Department of Defense, as an independent and objective officer within the DoD, is exempt from the policy review provisions based on the documents mentioned above. As necessary, information may be submitted by the Office of the Inspector General for security review before public release.


  • This process is applicable to all academic, research, professional documents, products and other materials intended for presentation or publication outside of DLIFLC or in DLIFLC journals and publications which are distributed to the organizations outside of the DLIFLC Components.
  • Only the full and final text of the document or material proposed for release will be submitted for review. Drafts, notes, outlines, briefing charts, etc., may not be submitted as a substitute for a complete text. MPAO reserves the right to return a draft or incomplete document without action.
  • Abstracts to be published in advance of a completed paper, manuscript, etc., require clearance. Clearance of an abstract does NOT fulfill the requirement to submit the full text for clearance before publication.
  • To ensure a climate of academic freedom and to encourage intellectual expression, DLIFLC students and faculty members are not required to submit papers or materials prepared in response to academic requirements for review when they are not intended for release outside of DLIFLC.
  • DLIFLC personnel, while acting in a private capacity and not in connection with their official duties, have the right to prepare information for public release through non-DLIFLC fora or media. This information must be reviewed for clearance if it meets the criteria in DoDI 5230.29. Such activity must comply with ethical standards and must not have an adverse effect on duty performance or the authorized functions of DLIFLC or the Department of Defense.
  • In accordance with the authority specified in DoD Directive (DoDD) 5105.53 (Reference (a)) and Deputy Secretary of Defense Memorandum (Reference (b)), DoD Instruction (DoDI) 5230.29 (Reference (c)) to implement policy established in DoDD 5230.09 (Reference (d)), this instruction assigns responsibilities, and prescribes procedures to carry out security and policy review of DLIFLC information intended for public release.
  • This form is NOT for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. For FOIA requests please click here.


All information submitted for clearance to MPAO must first be coordinated within the originating DLIFLC Component to ensure that it:

  1. Reflects the organization’s official policy position.
  2. Does not contain classified, controlled unclassified, or critical information requiring withholding.
  3. Is reviewed for operations security.
  4. Is reviewed to ensure there is no risk of releasing classified, controlled unclassified, operations security, or critical information if the information is aggregated with other publicly available data and information.


Please make sure that your presentation is done on the official DLIFLC slide, IF you are presenting in your official capacity. Also, make sure that you carefully review your slides before submission, since DLIFLC name or crest can’t be covered or obstructed in any way. Your presentation needs to contain the standard DLIFLC disclaimer as a second slide of your presentation or as a standalone page of your abstract/text/book.

Your submission should include a completed DLIFLC Form 1910 version dated August 2023, along with your materials. Important: In order to be able to sign the form digitally, it must be opened in Adobe Reader. Otherwise, the digital signature field will appear blank. 

ONLY PDF documents, up to 4 MB in size each, can be submitted. Submissions, which do not include both documents, will not be reviewed.

If you are not sure how to reduce the size of your PowerPoint presentation, please go to this page.

Remember: It is your responsibility to obtain all necessary documents (as described above), and pre-approvals from your chain of command, before submitting your request. Your submission will immediately be considered invalid if any one of those steps isn’t completed correctly.

By clicking on the link below, I confirm that I have read and understood the information presented above.