The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center is accepting nominations for its Hall of Fame to be held in November 2026.

The DLIFLC Hall of Fame honors those persons who have contributed significantly to language training or use within the Department of Defense. It consists of a permanent display at the Presidio of Monterey, with appropriate displays describing the stalwarts of the defense language community and their valuable contributions to improved language training and better employment of military linguists in the defense of our nation.

DLIFLC Hall of Fame Criteria
  • Any person who has made a lasting contribution to language training or military linguist operations within DoD is eligible for nomination to the DLIFLC Hall of Fame. To ensure that actions for which persons are nominated are of an enduring nature, and to prevent any appearance of impropriety, all actions must have occurred at least ten years prior to the date on which the nomination is submitted.
  • A distinguished alumni or friend of DLIFLC who attained a position at the highest levels of public service, industry or academia.
  • An individual who made significant contributions of service at the very highest levels (nationally or internationally) to society and their nation, coupled with significant advocacy of DLIFLC.
  • An individual who made distinctive contributions and/or supported an area of learning associated with foreign relations and foreign language and culture.
  • An individual who exhibited a distinguished professional achievement that reflects great credit on the nominee and DLIFLC.
Nomination Process

Anyone may submit a nomination for a DLIFLC Hall of Fame candidate.

Nominations that are not selected for induction will not automatically be considered again in future years. If a nominator wants to have a nomination reconsidered, he or she must resubmit the nomination.

Submissions should include the following:
  • Name, address, phone number, and e-mail of person submitting the nomination to allow for questions and follow up information
  • Name of nominee, address, phone number, and email of the nominee or a representative of the individual
  • Relationship to DLIFLC, if any
  • Detailed justification for the nomination (max three pages long)
  • A professional 8×10, head and shoulders portrait, minimum 150 dpi in a .jpg format
How to submit nominations

Nominations may be submitted online, by e-mail, or by hard copy.

Submit a nomination online through this fillable online form

To submit nominations in hard copy, please send to:

DLIFLC Mission Public Affairs Office
ATTN: Hall of Fame Induction
1759 Lewis Rd., Bldg. 614, room 111
Presidio of Monterey, CA 93944