Center for Leadership Development

A Center for Leadership Development was created at DLIFLC, after it was determined that a pathway to identify leadership competencies was necessary at each level of supervision at the Institute.

“The Commandant of the Institute, Col. (Phil) Deppert, understands the unique challenges of leadership at a multicultural educational military institution. He identified the need for a local leadership center focused on developing those skill sets,” said Dr. Natalie Marchenko-Fryberger, who served as the first director of the Center.

Center for Leadership Development's founding team

The Center’s purpose is to help develop current and future leaders who are committed to promoting a highly engaged and positive workplace. The focus at the Institute is on achieving higher student proficiency levels and requires customized and innovative leadership skill sets to increase faculty collaboration and involvement in decision making.

“Current leaders and faculty who are interested in career progression, which includes leadership positions, will have access to a tangible career development path,” said Fryberger. The path toward career advancement will include context specific training, mentoring and coaching as well as workshops and guest speakers.