CLD Center for Leadership Development

About The Center for Leadership Development

The Center for Leadership Development was established at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in March 2017, as a result of a senior leadership summit held in the summer of 2016, identifying the need for a pathway to develop leadership competencies necessary at each level of supervision at the Institute.

The Center’s purpose is to help develop current and future leaders who are committed to promoting a highly engaged and positive workplace. The focus at the Institute is on achieving higher student proficiency levels and requires customized and innovative leadership skill sets to increase faculty collaboration and involvement in decision making.

Current leaders and faculty who are interested in career progression, which includes leadership positions, will have access to a tangible career development path. The path toward career advancement will include context specific training, mentoring and coaching as well as workshops and guest speakers.


Enhance DLIFLC’s leadership capacity through providing context-specific training and development for current and future leaders to promote a highly engaged and positive workplace that effectively supports the institute’s mission.


Foster an innovative culture of leadership and fellowship built on commitment, trust and collaboration.

For additional information about CLD and to find our visiting scholar videos, DLIFLC faculty and staff can visit our SharePoint site.

IMPORTANT: Access limited to DLIFLC staff and faculty only. Authentication required.

Contact The Center for Leadership Development

Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center,  Building 206, Second Floor.  Phone: (831) 242- 4341

Please e-mail us via the Contact Us page, by selecting the Center for Leadership Development from the drop-down menu.