AA Degree FAQ

Am I eligible to apply for the AA Degree?

A: Applicants must be an active member (or dependent of a member) of the U.S. military on Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, or a U.S. federal government service employee upon completion of degree requirements, which includes having applied for and submitted the application, LES or military ID and transcripts. All documents must be submitted prior to leaving Federal service in order to be eligible and receive the DLIFLC AA degree. (IRR and contractor status are not eligible.)

The DLIFLC AA degree is based on the successful completion of studies in the foreign language major in residence at DLIFLC (Monterey, CA). Also required is the completion of specific general education requirements; which may be earned through testing or coursework at other accredited institutions.

Students who graduated from a resident DLIFLC Basic Course language program with a class start date after 1 October 1991 may apply. Students who graduated from a resident DLIFLC Intermediate language program with a class start date after 1 February 1998 may apply. Advanced and Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) programs are not eligible.

Basic Course Program students must achieve a minimum DLPT score of L2/R2/S1+ at graduation or later. Intermediate Course Program students must achieve a minimum DLPT score of L2+/R2+/S2. A cumulative grade point average of a “C” (2.0) or higher is required for DLIFLC coursework. Final cumulative DLIFLC semester grades below a D are not acceptable.

Students must have completed 45 semester credits at DLIFLC plus 18 semester credits in general education. Intermediate Course Program students who did not complete the Basic Course Program must take an additional general education course in Critical Thinking in addition to transferring in elective credit. Students who completed a Basic Course Program in one language and an Intermediate Course Program in a different language, are still required to complete the additional Critical Thinking course for the Intermediate Program. Intermediate students should contact the DLIFLC AA Degree Office advisors for assistance with their degree plan and required credit review.

What forms do I submit to apply for the DLIFLC AA Degree?

A: Submit the two-page application, found on this website, and a copy of your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) or military ID card (see the application for details). Qualified spouse applications must include a copy of their dependent ID and sponsor’s LES. Mail or email these documents BEFORE sending transcripts. Use the AMRDEC SAFE site to send documents electronically to aadegree@dliflc.nps.navy.mil. These documents are required to be on file before transcripts are evaluated. For instructions on completing the AA degree, please read the DLIFLC AA Degree Plan.

GE time limit requirements for the DLIFLC AA Degree?
A: There is no time limit on applying for and obtaining the DLIFLC AA degree as long as you still hold an appropriate status (see Question 1 for eligibility). However, other GE requirements do not have a time limit.
GE credit transfer to the DLIFLC AA Degree program?

A: If you are a graduate from a Basic program you will be need to transfer 18 semester credits in the required GE coursework.

If you are a graduate of the Intermediate program and did not take the Basic course in the same language, you will need 21 semester credits of General Education coursework. This includes a 3 semester credit Critical Thinking course.

Family members and Government civilians taking the Basic or Intermediate courses who have no prior military service, must transfer an additional three semester credits in Physical Education.

For more information on GE please see the AA Degree Plan.

My GE course work is more than 10 years old. Can I still use them to transfer credit to DLIFLC?

A: Yes.

I already have a college degree. Can I use this to get the DLIFLC AA Degree?

A: Your previous coursework may be transferable; however, a previous degree does not mean you have automatically met all of the AA degree requirements. Once you apply for the AA degree, have your official transcripts, with the appropriate courses, sent to the AA degree office for evaluation to see if they satisfy the AA degree requirements. Only the DLIFLC AA Degree Office has the right to approve or disapprove transfer coursework. The transcript must be from the institution that awarded the course grade; transfer grades from third party transcripts are not accepted. We are happy to advise on unofficial transcripts before official transcripts are paid for and sent to us; however, if you have not yet applied for the program, please include an unofficial copy with a completed application.

How many quarter credits are needed to transfer to DLIFLC’s semester program?
A: You will need 4.5 quarter credits to equal three (3) semester credits. Each General Education course requires 3 semester credits.
I graduated from a DLI-Washington Basic Course Language Program or another military location. Do I qualify?

A: The DLI-Washington provides instruction via a contracting vehicle and therefore does not qualify students for the DLIFLC Monterey AA degree program. Only resident Monterey language programs have been evaluated by the accrediting agency for this degree program.

Does the DTRA (formerly OSIA) program count for the degree?

A: The DTRA program coursework is not eligible for the DLIFLC AA Degree.

Do Continuing (CE) Education units transfer for credit?

A: No. CE credits are not transferable.

Can my high school AP or IB scores be used to satisfy any of the GE requirements?
A: AP test scores of three (3) or higher and Higher Level IB test scores of five (5) or higher will be evaluated in the required subjects. See the AA Degree Plan for additional information. When ordering AP Scores the DLIFLC institution code is 1963.
What are the DLIFLC codes for CLEP and DANTES tests?
A: The DLIFLC code for CLEP test is 8431 and DANTES is 8744. You must input these codes at the time of testing in order to have results of your CLEP or DANTES tests sent to the DLIFLC AA Degree Program Office.
Where can I find a list of qualifying CLEP and DANTES tests?
A: See page 2 of the AA Degree Plan.
Does a grade below a D in DLIFLC cumulative semester grade makes me ineligible to apply for the AA Degree?
A: Yes, this is true; an F in a DLIFLC final cumulative semester grade makes a student permanently ineligible for the AA Degree Program. This credit cannot be made up.
My DLPT scores have improved since graduation. Am I qualified to complete my degree now?
A: The minimum eligibility requirement is a DLPT of L2/R2/S1+ for the Basic course and L2+/R2+/S2 for the Intermediate program. If you have retested and obtained passing scores, you are again eligible for the AA Degree.
Can I send my DA 330 to provide new DLPT scores?
A: Scores are required through official channels and cannot be accepted directly from students. If you have retested, contact the AA Degree Office.
I did not attend DLIFLC, but have satisfied all the GE requirements. Can I get the degree if I pass the DLPT?
A: In order to be eligible to apply for the AA Degree you must have attended a Basic or Intermediate resident course program at the Monterey campus of the DLIFLC. See also the first FAQ question on eligibility.
Can I receive a second AA Degree from DLIFLC in my second language?
A: Yes, you may receive more than one AA Degree from DLIFLC. You must submit a separate application for each language. Only one set of official transcripts is required. See Question #1 for eligibility.
How may I obtain copies of my official DLIFLC transcripts or DLPT ACE Credit Recommended report?
A: You will find these request forms under Registrar Forms on this website. There are no fees for this service.
What organization accredited the language programs and when?
A: DLIFLC’s efforts to achieve academic excellence were formally recognized in 1979 when the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (AACJC/WASC) granted accreditation. The accrediting dates for the AA Degree coursework are 1 October 1991 for the Basic Program and 1 February 1998 for the Intermediate Program.
I applied a long time ago and have left DLIFLC, do you still have my documents on file?
A: Most likely we have retained applications or transcripts you sent us previously. After one year, you will be required to update your file by sending a current mailing address and military ID or LES.

Mail transcripts to:

Attn.: AA Degree Program
597 Lawton Road, Bldg. 634, Room 11
Presidio of Monterey, CA 93944

E-mail: aadegree@dliflc.edu,
via our CONTACT US PAGE, or
by phone (831) 242-6431 / (831) 242-6796.