Sexual harassment and sexual assault violate everything the U.S. Army stands for including our Army Values and Warrior Ethos. The Army is aggressively addressing sexual assaults by first focusing on prevention through education and training. Army leaders encourage reporting and work hard to reduce the stigma associated with sexual violence. Once reported, the Army focuses on care for victims and thorough investigations and prosecutions to hold offenders accountable. The Army continually assesses the effectiveness of its sexual harassment/assault response and prevention efforts to ensure the Army is meeting the needs of the Soldiers, Department of the Army Civilians, family members and the nation.

Sexual Harassment/Assault Response
and Prevention Program


Army SHARP information and resources:


These phone numbers are available to accept calls 24hrs/day 7 days a week.

DLIFLC: (831) 915-2351

DOD Hotline, 24/7, Safe Helpline: (877) 995-5247

POM SHARP Office Hours:

0830 – 1700


(831) 242-5819
(831) 242-3446

If you have been sexually assaulted or think you have been:

  • Go to a safe location away from the attacker.
  • Contact your local Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) at 831-915-2351, Victim Advocate or healthcare provider. You may also contact your chain of command or law enforcement (military or civilian), *however* if you do, an investigation will occur and you will not have the option of making a Restricted Report (
  • Seek medical care as soon as possible. Even if you do not have any visible physical injuries, you may be at risk of becoming pregnant or acquiring a sexually transmitted disease.
    • -Ask the healthcare provider to conduct a sexual assault forensic examination (SAFE) to preserve forensic evidence.
    • -If you suspect you had been drugged, request that a urine sample be collected.
  • Preserve all evidence of the assault. Do not bathe, wash your hands or brush your teeth. Do not clean or straighten up the crime scene.
  • Write down, tape or record by any other means all the details you can recall about the assault and your assailant.
  • U.S. Army Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program: